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Winter Squash Varieties Easily Available at Professional Squash Distributors

If you are fond of eating squash, you are aware about the fact that it comes in two varieties: winter and summer squash. Although both the varieties have different usages, winter squash are easy to store for a longer duration say, for three months. Moreover, all kinds of winter squash are rich source of fiber, niacin, calcium, potassium, vitamin C and magnesium. It is a versatile vegetable, which is easy to add in soups as well as into pies and muffins in steamed or in a baked form. For buying winter squash of the premium variety, make a purchase from Squash distributors.

Different Kinds of Winter Squash

1. Acorn: The Acorn squash has dark green with yellow-orange flesh. It has a hard skin and a sweet flavor. They are the best to use in stuffed or in baked form.

2. Buttercup Squash: These squash have turban-shaped and have buttery-sweet flavor. Bonbon and Burgees are the two important varieties of buttercup squash. These squash are commonly used in pureed form as a sauce with pasta.

3. Butternet Squash: Easily available at a squash distributor, butternet squash is a versatile veggie easy to use in bake or in a stewed form. These squash have a cylindrical shape and last for months and months.

4. Pumpkin Squash: This squash are easy to grow and commonly have a sweet taste. This is the main reason that pumpkin squash is extensively used for making both savory and sweet dishes like pumpkin pie. They have orange skin and are available in a very small to very large size.

5. Hubbard Squash: A very popular veggie of New England, Hubbard squash have different colors varying from aqua-blue to bright orange. This kind of squash has fine-grained texture; therefore it is commonly used in a mashed or pureed form. It has a mild flavor and an excellent source of vitamin A.

Here is one purchasing tip. If you are buying squash from the nearest grocery store, always look for the one with a tough and hard rind along with stem attached. Else, you can buy all popular varieties of winter squash like delicata, spaghetti, dumpling to name a few from squash distributor.

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